Environmental and Social Governance

We engage and contribute to the communities in which we operate. More broadly, we understand and integrate those matters which will ensure the long term outcomes we aspire to.

Environmental and Social Governance

Adani’s vision is to be a global leader in the integrated resource, logistics and energy business through sustainable, innovative and responsible value creation.


Supporting this Vision is our commitment to building and operating our Australian projects to achieve long term sustainable outcomes through:


Adani is committed to undertaking our projects in a manner which will deliver on our regulatory requirements but also engage and contribute to the communities in which we operate. And more broadly, understand and integrate those matters which will ensure the long term outcomes we aspire to.

  • A dedicated team supporting clear organisational responsibilities;
  • Governance and Systems frameworks to support our business operations;
  • The formation of long term, meaningful relationships and partnerships
  • Alignment with relevant international and national standards
  • An active risk management approach and a focus on innovation

Also in this Section

  • Environmental Responsibility

    Adani will undertake its Australian operations in a manner, which meets our legal obligations, recognises the importance of working closely with our internal and external stakeholders, and strives to prevent environmental harm and improve our environmental performance.


    We understand that our environmental performance is critical to the sustainable success of the organisation and we will implement an environmental management framework that is accessible, innovative and enduring.


    Our Australian businesses operate under an Environmental Management System that is certified to AS/NZS ISO14001: 2004.


    Environmental Policy

  • Social Responsibility

    As part of the Carmichael Project, Adani seeks to make positive contributions to the community, and recognises that proactive community relations will provide benefits for both the business and the affected community. Or focus has been on the development of social impact management strategies and a community investment framework.


    Adani has developed Social Impact Management Strategies (SIMS) across five key areas


    1. Community and Stakeholder Engagement

    2. Housing and Accommodation

    3. Workforce Management

    4. Local Business and Industry Content

    5. Health and Community Wellbeing


    The purpose of the SIMS is to identify the actions Adani and its contractors will take to mitigate potential social impacts, or enhance social opportunities, arising from the Project


    The SIMS are adaptive management strategies that will continue to be developed and refined as required through the annual monitoring and reporting process and in consultation with government, community and key stakeholders


    The Community & Stakeholder Engagement SIMS includes measures to ensure all Project stakeholders have access to up-to-date and accurate information about the Project, and receive timely responses to their issues and enquiries.


    Community investment is a core part of how companies manage their activities. Adani is actively building community investment into its overall business and planning process. This investment is based on long-term community development principles which include:

    • Support projects that encourage community self-sufficiency and sustainability

    • Focus on achieving genuine outcomes for communities

    • Provide a flexible and proactive approach

    • Be visible and transparent

    • Enhance social return on investment through strategic reviews of outcomes


    In the Carmichael Project area, Adani will aim to broaden the socio-economic benefits of the Project through a community investment program; and will seek to do this in a transparent and open manner. Community investment for the Carmichael Project will align with Adani’s core values.

    • Courage – we shall embrace new ideas and businesses

    • Trust – we shall believe in our employees and other stakeholders

    • Commitment – we shall stand by our promises and adhere to high standard of business

  • Vendors

    Adani is committed to provide full, fair and reasonable opportunity to Australian industry for the supply of equipment, services for its Carmichael Mine, Rail and Port – Integrated Project in Queensland.


    To support its commitment to Australian industry, Adani has developed Australian Industry Participation Plans for the purposes of fulfilling its requirements under both the Australian Jobs Act 2013 and the Enhanced Project By-law Scheme (EPBS). Through the implementation of these AIP Plans, Adani will support Australian industry participation in its Project.


    To find out more details about Adani’s commitment to Australian industry, the Australian Industry Participation Plans are published on our website. You may also refer to the Australian Industry Participation Authority or to the AusIndustry website.


    To identify whether you are able to supply goods and / or services for our Project, or to register an interest to supply, please visit our Project page on the ICN Gateway.



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