A Safe and Secure Workplace

Large scale projects demand excellence in Health & Safety. Adani employ world leading practices across all sites that are unified and integrated

A Safe and Secure Workplace

Ensuring the Health and Safety of our people is a core value in Adani.


We are committed to providing and maintaining the highest health and safety standard of working environment for all workers, visitors and members of the public that are connected with Adani Operations.


We take a proactive lead and invest in creating strong collaborative relationships with our workers, partners and stakeholders to:

  • Align all of the safety practices to create a unified safety culture across our projects that enhance safety for all workers
  • Foster more effective ways of working together that consistently result in ‘safe-production’ and set the benchmark for safety across our industries
  • Adani Health and Safety Management Systems are certified to Australian and International Occupational Health and Safety Standards.

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