Energy & Innovation

Energy solutions for an advancing world.

Adani Australia is providing energy solutions and driving sustainability across the Asia-Pacific region. Part of the Adani Group, we recognise the challenge of the world’s changing climate. As the global population grows, we need more energy and resources, while managing emissions.

Adani Australia is delivering a sustainable energy mix. This will help to meet the increasing energy demand, while it delivers better quality of life for people in developing nations. We have solar farms and a coal mine, as well as the infrastructure to support those resources.

The global energy system is adapting to meet the growing demand worldwide. In Asia, demands are being met with the construction of next-generation coal-fired power stations, and an increase in the use of gas and renewables such as hydro, solar and wind power. Adani Group is part of this energy solution. For example, in India the Adani Group produces 2385MW of renewable energy each year and is a leading supplier of solar panels.

Renewable power generation will be increasingly important, but we must ensure our energy sources are also reliable and affordable to all. That is where coal has a critical role to play in providing baseload power.

Adani Australia provides energy solutions for an advancing world.

Adani Australia is part of the Adani Group, a global leader in resources, logistics, infrastructure and energy.