Adani Abbot Point Port

Environmental Impact Statement

Adani Abbot Point Terminal Pty Ltd (Adani) is seeking to develop a new coal export terminal at the Port of Abbot Point. The proposed terminal will be located immediately adjacent to the existing coal Terminal (T1), which has been in operation since 1984. The Project, known as the Abbot Point Coal Terminal 0 (T0) Project, will provide an increase of up to 70 million tonnes per annum in the export capacity at the Port and economic benefits to the State and region.

The T0 Project EIS was approved on the 10th December 2013. For full details of the Commonwealth assessment process and conditions of approval, please follow the link:

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1 General Information

2 Project Details

3 Existing Environment, Impacts and Mitigation

4 Cumulative and Consequential Impacts

5 Environmental Management and Offsets

6 Conclusion

7 Commitments Table

8 References

9 Glossary, Abbreviations and Units


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