Carmichael Mine

Plans, Reports and Strategies

The Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 Approval for the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Infrastructure Project Queensland (EPBC 2010/5736), condition 36 requires Adani Mining Pty Ltd to “publish all management plans, reports, and programs referred to in these conditions of approval on their website” within one month of being approved.

Condition  # Requirement Title
3 & 4

Groundwater management and monitoring plan

Groundwater Management and Monitoring Program – Carmichael Coal Mine 15 March 2019

3 & 4

Groundwater data

Groundwater Level _Clematis_SSt_Baseline
Groundwater Level_Alluvium_baseline 
Groundwater Level_Dunda Beds_baseline
Groundwater Level_Moolayember formation_baseline
Groundwater Level_Permian_Betts Creek Beds_baseline
Groundwater Level_Rewan Formation_baseline
Groundwater Levels_Composite bores_baseline
Groundwater Levels_Joe_Joe_baseline
Baseline Groundwater quality
Groundwater Level _Teritiary formation_Baseline 

3 & 4 and Associated water licence (AWL)condition # 51)

Groundwater data

GWL_data_website _Feb 2020

GWL_data_website _March 2020

GWL_data _website _ May 2020

GWQ_Data_website_May 2020

CCMP-Cum_Site Rainfall data _Aug2019_March2020

CCMP-Daily_Site Rainfall data _Aug2019_March2020

GMMP_Groundwater monitoring bore locations

GWL_data –website_June 2020

GWQ_data _website _ July 2020

GWL_data_website _ August 2020

GWQ_data_website _ August 2020

GWL-data –website _ October 2020

GWQ-data –website _ October 2020

5 & 6

Matters of National Environmental Significance management plans

Species Management Plan – Carmichael Coal Mine and Offsite Infrastructure (June 2019)
Species Management Plan - Carmichael Rail Network SP1 20 May 2016

Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Management Plan – Carmichael Coal Mine Aug 2019

Black-throated Finch Management Plan (May 2019)

8 to 11

Biodiversity Offset Strategy Note - this document has been redacted for commercially confidential reasons

Biodiversity Offset Strategy (October 2016)
13 & 14

Offset area management plans

Moray Downs West Offset Area Management Plan, Offset Delivery Stage 1, Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project (23 August 2019)
15, 16 & 18

Program that establishes a trust fund mechanism, for the better protection and long term conservation of particular EPBC Act listed threatened species and communities

Carmichael Conservation and Research Program (April 2019)
11(k) to (p)

Great Artesian Basin Offset Strategy

Great Artesian Basin Offset Strategy (July 2016)

Groundwater Flow Model Review, Peer Review Report

Carmichael Coal Project Groundwater Flow Model Independent Review (Re: Approval Conditions 22 & 23)

Great Artesian Basin Springs Research Plan

Great Artesian Springs Research Plan - Carmichael Coal Mine Project (10 September 2019)
27 to 28

Rewan Formation Connectivity Research Plan

Rewan Research Plan final Version P redacted (November 2019)

2017-2018 Compliance Report EPBC 2010/5736

2018-2019 Compliance Report EPBC 2010/5736

CCMR Project compliance report 1 – EPBC approval 2010 5736
CCMR Project compliance report 2 – EPBC approval 2010 5736 

Environmental Impact Statement

Adani Mining Pty Ltd (Adani) began formal environmental assessment of the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project (the Project) in 2010, through preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), to address both State and Federal government approval requirements.

The EIS was prepared in accordance with the bilateral agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of Queensland with the objective of avoiding or mitigating potentially adverse impacts to environmental, social and economic values and enhancing positive impacts.

Public consultation for the EIS was undertaken between December 2012 and February 2013. Public consultation submissions were assessed by the Coordinator- General and Adani was instructed to prepare a Supplementary EIS (SEIS) in order to address and respond to submissions made during the public consultation of the EIS.

The SEIS was released by the Coordinator-General for public, local, State and Federal government agency consultation from November to December 2013.Upon assessment of the SEIS, the Coordinator-General directed Adani to prepare a number of final assessment documents – Additional EIS.At the conclusion of the EIS process, the Coordinator- General’s Evaluation Report for the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project was issued on the 7th May 2014 and can be found here.

Additionally, the Commonwealth Environment Minister approved the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project on the 15th October 2015, approval documentation can be found here.