Adani Australia is committed to providing a safe, reliable, responsible and sustainable energy mix for an advancing world.

Our Social Impact

Adani Australia is committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which it operates. We recognise the mutual benefits that come when we boost and include our local communities.

We have many local partnerships across North Queensland and Central Queensland, the locations of our Carmichael Mine and Rail projects and the Rugby Run solar farm.

Together with the local community, we support the North Queensland Cowboys rugby league team as a Major Partner and are proud to be the presenting partner of its school attendance initiative, Adopt-A-School.

For communities in Queensland and South Australia, Adani Australia thermal coal and renewable projects are underway. Through this we are creating jobs and opportunities, and helping to fund major infrastructure upgrades to hospitals, schools and roads by contributing billions of dollars in taxes and royalties.

Social Impact Management Strategy

Adani Australia has developed Social Impact Management Strategies (SIMS) across five key areas:

  1. Community and Stakeholder Engagement
  2. Housing and Accommodation
  3. Workforce Management
  4. Local Business and Industry Content
  5. Health and Community Wellbeing

The purpose of the SIMS is to identify opportunities for Adani and its contractors to enhance its social impact

The SIMS are adaptive management strategies. They will continue to be developed and refined through annual monitoring and reporting, in consultation with government, community and key stakeholders.

Health and Safety

Adani Australia is committed to providing and maintaining the highest health and safety standards and working environment for all workers, visitors and members of the public.

We take a proactive lead and invest in creating strong collaborative relationships with our workers, partners and stakeholders to:

  • Align all of the safety practices to create a unified safety culture across our projects
  • Foster effective ways of working together that consistently result in ‘safe-production’ and set the benchmark for safety across our industries.
  • Adani Health and Safety Management Systems are certified to Australian and International Occupational Health and Safety Standards
Adani Australia is part of the Adani Group, a global leader in resources, logistics, infrastructure and energy.